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What a great experience at MTC2015.
Let me talk a little bit my few days and our wonderful sponsors that we had during the week.

11830297_10206024654847913_1358486962_nTuesday was our first night out for diner. We got the chance to eat at Lone Star it was absolutely AMAZING! Definitely my favorite meal of the week. We got the chance to share a nacho together as a entree. Our meal was delicious fajitas! Fresh chicken mixed with lettuce,tomatoes,salsa,rice and cheese was soooo good!Thank you so much Lone Star for the wonderful service we had and the delicious fajitas!


Wednesday was11857585_10206024655007917_1457605520_n a awesome day! Definitely my favorite day so far. We started the day with a fabulous breakfast at Egglicious.Thanks again Egglicious! We had a awesome time at the Mississagua Canoe Club thanks to them I had my first experience on a dragon boat.It was absolutely sooo amazing! I had a great time. We also went to a amazing magic show i was so mind blown by the amazing magician Greg Frewin.Thank you for the great meal it was absolutely fabulous & thank you for the great show! I will definitely come back to Niagara falls to see this again so worth it. Finished off the night with the best of all…NIAGARA FALLS absolutely sooooo beautiful i was almost crying cause i couldn’t believe it.
Thank you so much to all our sponsors trough out the day and of course mtc2015 for the time of my life!
Thursday was also a amazing day! We got the chance to go to the Bowmanville zoo thanks to them we got the chance to pet and play with a baby tiger and a baby lion. It was such a great experience i couldn’t believe it ! I wanted them as my pets. It was such a amazing zoo we got the chance to see tigers,lions,monkeys,giraffes,goats,camels and way more ! Thanks again Bowmanville ZOO.
Afterwards we went to the eatons center a amazing mall ! There is so much amazing stores that we walked by i wanted to spend all my money … Then we went to have lunch at the Richtree Market thanks again for your delicious burrito.To hear more about my experience at Richtree Market you can read my blog post that i posted about my experience at Richtree taco bus. Thanks again! After our experience at the Eaton center we went to visit a other mall Yorkdale, Thank you Yorkdale for giving us a 10$ gift card to spend in your mall. And to finish off our amazing day we went to the Medieval times it was soooo cool. I absolutely loved it Thank you for the great night ! The supper was amazing we even got the chance to eat with our hands… They started off with a delicious tomato soup and a garlic bread. Followed by a very amazing chicken it was so fresh and tender, a baked potato and a very mouth watering corn. For desert we had a yummy butter sugar pastry tart. While eating we had a epic battle of the medieval they were amazing! Thank you again for the great time !11846383_10206024655127920_1872407279_n

Thank you to all our sponsors for the amazing week! A big thank you to all chaperones for their wonderful patience and great work! Thank you for making me live a experience of a lifetime!
Check out their Facebook pages and Like !



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Day Trip : August 6th, 2015

11846315_10206018475973445_136083310_n  My experience at Richtree Taco Truck…
Today, after a fantastic day at the Bowmanville Zoo we got the chance to have lunch in a beautiful mall(The Toronto Eaton Center). We got the chance to eat at Richtree Taco Truck. When I first saw the truck I was thrilled and so excited to eat tacos or burritos. The Truck was looking amazing, a blue truck with awesome servers who was very helpful to help me with my food choice. The food choices were either chicken, beef and fish in a taco or a burrito there was also one for vegetarians. The tacos and burritos all had awesome names that I can’t remember but it was pretty cool and different. With the help of my amazing server I chose the chicken burrito and a sprite. The service was very fast, I was amazed they were awesome to serve 82 girls.


My chicken burrito…

It wasn’t only the truck that was looking amazing and the servers that were awesome, it was also the Chicken Burrito.
The chicken burrito was a little bit spicy but the taste of the burrito with all the vegetables, sauce and rice was delicious! My burrito was so delicious and fresh, it filled me up quickly but don’t worry, it was amazing!
For next time I will definitely taste the fish burritos it looked so good. Thank you again for your delicious burritos and your great service I enjoyed it!!
Follow them on Facebook,Twitter & Instgram:@Richtree Market

Thank you xox
Shelly- Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2o15

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New Brunswick Day in Canada

On the first Monday of August, New Brunswick Day is a holiday in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. People come together to strengthen their local communities by celebrating their achievements, history, culture and landscape. The New Brunswick flag is raised in some communities on this day.


The province of New Brunswick has been populated by First Nations communities for around 6000 years. In the 1600s and 1700s, the area was colonized by the French and later the British. In 1867, New Brunswick was one of the four provinces, which formed the Canadian Confederation. New Brunswick Day has been a holiday since 1976 and the New Brunswick Day awards were introduced in 1991.



Raise your flag and be proud! Happy New Brunswick Day!

Thank You !
Shelly- Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2015 xox

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Awareness to Bullying

Did you know it’s now it’s been eight years since Pink Shirt Day started, that was in 2007. Two Nova Scotia high school students organized a school protest to wear the colour pink, they stood up for a grade 9 boy and fellow classmate, who was bullied for wearing a pink coloured t-shirt to school.

Even after eighth year bullying still continues to be a major problem in schools, workplaces, homes, and over the Internet. Every seven minutes someone is bullied on a playground in Canada, according to bullying.org. Recent survey found cyberbullying surpassed drugs and alcohol as the top concern among Canadian parents.

Why is this so important to me?

I am very passionate about helping others who are struggling each day because they are being bullied. As I know all too well what bullying does! One would think that starting high school should the greatest moments; it wasn’t that great for me. After being laughed at, been called names every day, I started feeling like they wanted me to feel, worthless! My self-esteem went down; my immune system was so week that I would always be sick. I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to curl up and stay there, I didn’t want to go to school anymore, my school marks were going down. I just wanted to give up. Then finally I wrote a letter to my mom. Today, I can proudly say that letter save me! “I love you and together we will get through this!” were her words!

11836996_10154083876259745_1708748476_oToday, I am very involved in the community. I volunteer in several charitable events and I have a strong desire to learn all about my culture. Last year, I organised a pageants for young girls’ ages 10 to 12 years old to help raise money for Miss Teenage Canada. In the pageant one of my activities was say NO to bullying. I searched the internet, gathered some information and gave handout to the parents and kids on the first day. They were links of resources; help lines and explanations different types of bullying. One day during our practices I gave them all pink shirts and they were to write a positive word and decorate their T-shirt any way they choose to. On pageant day, they wore proudly their pink shirt and fashioned their work of art, they were shining! I was so proud of them! It was a great experience for me and the girls. My goal is to help the youth to build their self-esteem and to make a difference.






I believe that through my own experience I will help someone, through my story and life path I want to choose. I want to continue to encourage the youth, motivate them to follow their dreams. I want them to believe in themselves, because I believe in them. To be proud of who you are!

My message…

If you fall down, you get right back up!
If you make a mistake, you learn from them.
If you feel down, there is always someone who will lift you up.
You are Special and you will succeed.
Don’t give up and follow your Dream no matter what their dreams are
I want them to believe in themselves and encourage them to follow their dreams.
Dreams do come true if you believe!

Thank you !
Shelly- Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2015 xox

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I can’t believe my Dream is finally coming true! Tomorrow I’m flying out to Toronto Ontario for Miss Teenage Canada 2015. I am so honored to represent my beautiful province of New Brunswick to nationals.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me during my fundraisings and to all my friends and family for their continuous support.

I would especially thank the mayor of Neguac, George Savoie & the Chief Alvery Paul of Esgenoopetitj for encouraging me and supporting me throughout my journey.

A Great Big Thank You to all my generous sponsors, it’s because of your that I am able to have this wonderful experience.

• Esgenoopetitj First Nation
• Village de Neguac
• Hôpital Vétérinaire de la Peninsule
• Les dames de Richelieux
• Banque National de Neguac
• Neguac Circle K
• Les frères GG
• Pub 981
• Belliza
• Natasha LeBlanc
• Salon Top Modèle
• Gym Athlet-X
• Jessica Morton – Salon MOD
• Normand Richard Photographie
• Juliette Barrette

I just can’t wait to meet everyone and have an awesome week in Toronto, I will keep you updated, will be posting pictures during the week. Starting August 2nd, you can continue supporting me by voting each day on-line. I will be posting the link soon.

Thank You, Merci , Wela’lin!

Shelly Xox

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It has been voted the best country in the world to live in for the past 3 years in a row by the United Nations.  It consists of ten provinces and three territories, the newest territories is Nunavut.

Canada is the greatest country in the world!  Why do I think so?  Well there are several reasons, here are a few that I appreciate the most.

The seasons
I believe Canada is a great country because of its beauty, for its natural resources, for the endless lakes and rivers, the great mountains and the different climates. I love having four beautiful seasons; I enjoy and appreciate the gift of Mother Nature.

Winter – The sun shines through the trees covered with snow; like million sparkling miniatures diamonds.
Spring The apple trees are blossoming and the perfume of the lilacs and flowers are breath taken.
Summer The warm weather, the sun is shining and it’s time for vacation.
Autumn (fall) Time to harvest the fields, time to pick fruit, the vegetables and time to feast with the family.





Our Services
In Canada, we have access to several service such social assistance programs, affordable housing, health care, and a strong government that helps its people.

Education system
iaslkfhdjl We are very privileged to have free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies. Canadian universities and colleges have a strong international reputation for high quality.


Safe & Secure
Canadians have a voice, have a right to vote and have a right to be safe and secure.a'ojfkskfa4
In Canada, we have the RCMP that protects, the Community policing, strict gun control laws, and a fair justice system make Canada safe and secure for everyone. Crime rates are among the lowest in the world, and continue to decline.


What I love the most is Canada’s Multiculturalism and diversity!

r.bnkbvmnCanada is filled with beautiful and unique culture from around the world. Now many people from many nation come together to make this country special and unique.  Born as an Acadian/Aboriginal, I am a proud Canadian, very proud of my country and my culture. I have a continuous desire to learn all about my country Canada and my heritage.  I love that our country encourages everyone to retain their unique culture. Living with and accepting different cultures help us understand each other.  Years ago, people were afraid to speak their language; today Canada accepts and encourages many cultures to thrive in society.
Be proud of who you are and speaking your language!

Rights and Freedoms
In Canada everyone is equal.  Everyone has a right to be heard. These rights are guaranteed through our Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Everyone has a right to preserve their own culture and we must also respect each other’s right to do the same.  Canada is a great place to live!
We have a great country. “I am proud to be a Canadian!”

Thank you, Merci, Wela’lin !
Shelly xox


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Hello! Welcome to my first Blog!

My name is Shelly and I am so honored to say that I am your new Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2015.
I am so pleased to be representing my beautiful province of New Brunswick at the nationals, Miss Teenage Canada 2015 which will be held in Toronto Ontario this August.

I’m 17 years old and I am a 2015 graduate of CSC LaFontaine high school in Néguac NB.
I recently organised a pageant for a fundraising event for the graduates of CSC LaFontaine 2015, which turned out to be a great success. During this past year I also volunteered with the grade 3 students to help them improve their reading skills.

I will be continuing my studies in policing and correctional training. My goal is to become a member of the RCMP, to have a role in ensuring the safety and security of those in the communities and working with Youth Crime Prevention.

I come from a multicultural family. My father is acadian and my mother is aboriginal. I have a very talented brother who loves music and I am also proud to be an aunt to my little nephew Leo.

I am very proud of my heritage and I have a continuous desire to learn all about my cultures.  Whether it’s wearing my red, white, blue and yellow star or wearing my regalia, you can find me every August 15th celebrating the Acadian day or dancing in Pow Wows. I enjoy celebrating my Acadian culture by participating in parades and singing and dancing in the “Tintamar”.

It is very apparent that I have a passion for dancing. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old, and I have discovered my new passion in 2009, the Fancy Shawl Dancing. The Fancy Shawl dancing is a traditional aboriginal dance for women. The women’s fancy shawl dance represents the opening of a cocoon when the butterfly emerges.
You can find me dancing the Traditional Fancy Shawl every occasion I have. I have been invited to several events around the province to share my wonderful dancing “fancy shawl” and at various schools throughout the province during the heritage week with my group the “Wegatusgk Dancer”.  I am also a coach and a mentor to the youth in my community and am also teaching the young girls the traditional dance. I want to continue to encourage the youth, motivates them to be proud of who they are!

I am also very implicated in my community, by helping out in various charitable events such as, IWK, Relay for Life, for the three fallen members (Taking back the neighborhood block party) and organizing fundraising events such as talents shows and pageants for the schools in my community.  I also had the opportunity to be judge in several pageants in my province.

My goal as Miss Teenage New Brunswick is to be a role model for the youth not only in my community but to all the youth everywhere! I want them to believe in themselves and encourage them to follow their dreams, no matter what their dreams are.
Dreams do come true if you believe, as my dream is coming true!

Hope you enjoyed reading about me and hope you continue to follow me during this wonderful journey of Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2015.

Thank you, Merci, Wela’lin !

Shelly xox

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