The Children’s Wish Foundation is the official charity of Miss Teenage Canada. They are dedicated to granting heartfelt wishes to children with a life-threatening illness.

A wish is very important to a child because it can make the pain and discomfort of the illness more bearable and planning a dream is very exciting and often times, it has a dramatic effect on their healing. A Wish that comes true is a sign of hope.

Last year, they granted over 1,000 wishes!

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada

All the delegates are tasked with raising a minimum of $400 to help grant wishes. I decided to host a yard/bake sale over two weekends and I also sold tickets on a baby quilt. I collected donations from family and friends and had two huge yard sales and a bake sale.

After my second yard sale, all the clothes that did not go went in the clothing donation bin in support of Children’s Wish.

I also attended a princess tea party for Children’s Wish in Fredericton. I loved handing out bags and greeting all the little princesses as they entered the hall. Their reactions to the Disney princesses was my favourite part!

If you want to learn more about the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, visit their website

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation

Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2019 – Farrah xo


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