Day 1

I have arrived in Toronto! I had an early morning flight leaving from Moncton and I waited at the airport until 1pm and then we hoped on a shuttle bus.

Moncton Airport

We got off the shuttle at Centennial Place Residence where we will be staying for the week. I love that we have our own rooms but still have roomies because of the shared kitchen and living room. I am rooming with Emma, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario and Jesseca, Miss Teenage Langley B.C.

Centennial Place Residence
Our Sashes

Afterwards we went to the PJ Pizza Party! It was a lot of fun and I got to meet all the girls and I am excited to know more about them. After pizza we had a cake, it was vanilla and chocolat and it was delicious!

PJ Pizza Party

We received our numbers for the week after the party which we will be wearing at all times. I am Number 16

With Emma

Day 2

My day started at 7am to get ready for the day and of course we had to take a roommate selfie before breakfast.

With Jesseca and Emma

Next up was hair and makeup. My Hair was done by Jen from Modern Makeup and my makeup was done by Janvi. Thank you both so much I love my hair and makeup!

With Jen
With Janvi

Once hair and makeup was all done I went to interview, to a photo shoot and to a video shoot. They were all a lot of fun and I can not wait to see how the pictures and the videos turned out.

Interview outfit

Next up was rehearsal, we practised our walks and part of what we will be doing the final night. After I took selfies with some of my new friends!

With Samantha, Marianne, Alexann and Tanya

To end the day I had a really good chicken penne with alfredo sauce and we received our opening number dresses from Soho Girls and our shoes from Vangelo. The dress and the shoes are gorgeous and I can not wait to wear them Friday at preliminaries!

Let’s see what tomorrow has to offer

Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2019 – Farrah xo


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