Hi everyone! I’m Rose your Miss Teenage New Brunswick. I’m currently 15 years old and my interests consist of volunteering at my local farmers market, shopping, doing makeup and fashion. In my free time I work at a restaurant called Pizza Delight every weekend and even some weekdays. I also enjoy doing puzzles, shopping and colouring.

In the past I have done 14 different pageants all in different facilities. My most memorable one was in Orlando, Florida. It was for Jr. Miss North America, I was representing the Eastern Provinces. I recently won Miss Teen Eastern Provinces and I’m excited for redoing the pageant next year.

During the past couple of years, I played many sports. I did swim for about 3 years. At the same time I was doing gymnastics which was one of my favorite sports. I continued for about 8 years in total, and I unfortunately stopped 3 years ago. When I was 13 and 14, I played volleyball for my county. It has always been my favorite sport. I had to stop when I got to high school because I got a job and was too busy all the time. Currently I do not play any sports.

In the future, I would like to become an esthetician because I love to help people. This is a field for people who enjoy working with clients to help them look and feel better. When I was young I really wanted to be a hair stylist, and I still really enjoy styling other’s hair, as well as my own. Only a couple of years ago I got braces and wanted to become an orthodontist at the time because the process really fascinated me as well! I’m also planning on moving away from my home town in New Brunswick for college. I have not decided exactly where but right now I’m thinking about either Toronto or somewhere in California.


Written by: Rose