Day Trip : August 6th, 2015

11846315_10206018475973445_136083310_n  My experience at Richtree Taco Truck…
Today, after a fantastic day at the Bowmanville Zoo we got the chance to have lunch in a beautiful mall(The Toronto Eaton Center). We got the chance to eat at Richtree Taco Truck. When I first saw the truck I was thrilled and so excited to eat tacos or burritos. The Truck was looking amazing, a blue truck with awesome servers who was very helpful to help me with my food choice. The food choices were either chicken, beef and fish in a taco or a burrito there was also one for vegetarians. The tacos and burritos all had awesome names that I can’t remember but it was pretty cool and different. With the help of my amazing server I chose the chicken burrito and a sprite. The service was very fast, I was amazed they were awesome to serve 82 girls.


My chicken burrito…

It wasn’t only the truck that was looking amazing and the servers that were awesome, it was also the Chicken Burrito.
The chicken burrito was a little bit spicy but the taste of the burrito with all the vegetables, sauce and rice was delicious! My burrito was so delicious and fresh, it filled me up quickly but don’t worry, it was amazing!
For next time I will definitely taste the fish burritos it looked so good. Thank you again for your delicious burritos and your great service I enjoyed it!!
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Thank you xox
Shelly- Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2o15

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