What a great experience at MTC2015.
Let me talk a little bit my few days and our wonderful sponsors that we had during the week.

11830297_10206024654847913_1358486962_nTuesday was our first night out for diner. We got the chance to eat at Lone Star it was absolutely AMAZING! Definitely my favorite meal of the week. We got the chance to share a nacho together as a entree. Our meal was delicious fajitas! Fresh chicken mixed with lettuce,tomatoes,salsa,rice and cheese was soooo good!Thank you so much Lone Star for the wonderful service we had and the delicious fajitas!


Wednesday was11857585_10206024655007917_1457605520_n a awesome day! Definitely my favorite day so far. We started the day with a fabulous breakfast at Egglicious.Thanks again Egglicious! We had a awesome time at the Mississagua Canoe Club thanks to them I had my first experience on a dragon boat.It was absolutely sooo amazing! I had a great time. We also went to a amazing magic show i was so mind blown by the amazing magician Greg Frewin.Thank you for the great meal it was absolutely fabulous & thank you for the great show! I will definitely come back to Niagara falls to see this again so worth it. Finished off the night with the best of all…NIAGARA FALLS absolutely sooooo beautiful i was almost crying cause i couldn’t believe it.
Thank you so much to all our sponsors trough out the day and of course mtc2015 for the time of my life!
Thursday was also a amazing day! We got the chance to go to the Bowmanville zoo thanks to them we got the chance to pet and play with a baby tiger and a baby lion. It was such a great experience i couldn’t believe it ! I wanted them as my pets. It was such a amazing zoo we got the chance to see tigers,lions,monkeys,giraffes,goats,camels and way more ! Thanks again Bowmanville ZOO.
Afterwards we went to the eatons center a amazing mall ! There is so much amazing stores that we walked by i wanted to spend all my money … Then we went to have lunch at the Richtree Market thanks again for your delicious burrito.To hear more about my experience at Richtree Market you can read my blog post that i posted about my experience at Richtree taco bus. Thanks again! After our experience at the Eaton center we went to visit a other mall Yorkdale, Thank you Yorkdale for giving us a 10$ gift card to spend in your mall. And to finish off our amazing day we went to the Medieval times it was soooo cool. I absolutely loved it Thank you for the great night ! The supper was amazing we even got the chance to eat with our hands… They started off with a delicious tomato soup and a garlic bread. Followed by a very amazing chicken it was so fresh and tender, a baked potato and a very mouth watering corn. For desert we had a yummy butter sugar pastry tart. While eating we had a epic battle of the medieval they were amazing! Thank you again for the great time !11846383_10206024655127920_1872407279_n

Thank you to all our sponsors for the amazing week! A big thank you to all chaperones for their wonderful patience and great work! Thank you for making me live a experience of a lifetime!
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